Municipal Case Study using Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Where: Northern Town in Illinois

Problem: Meters reading output from wells don’t match meters reading same stream entering filters (Both Inline). Wide difference between readings. 150,000 gallon/day either unaccounted for or falsely reported.

Chosen Solution: Two U3000B clamp on ultrasonic flow meters measuring flow leaving facility to public.


  • Accurate Output Data
  • Confidence in monthly reporting to State of Illinois
  • Negative totalizer can indicate if check valve failing

U3000B clamp on ultrasonic flow meter in water tower installed in diagonal mode measuring feed to tower.

2015-03-09 12.45.282015-03-09 12.51.412015-03-09 12.54.032015-03-09 12.50.002015-03-09 12.51.242015-03-09 12.50.262015-03-09 12.52.44


U3000B clamp on ultrasonic flow meter installed in reflex mode measuring treated water.

2015-03-09 13.00.382015-03-09 13.00.242015-03-09 13.02.10