Products/Clamp On Flow Meter Wizard

Use this Clamp On Flow Meter Wizard to decide which unit is best for you. This series of questions will help you decide if you need a portable Clamp On Flow Meter or a permanent Clamp On Flow Meter. Or if you need an Ultrasonic Clamp On Flow Meter, a Doppler Clamp On Flow Meter, an area velocity Clamp On Flow Meter, or a level sensing Clamp On Flow Meter. Click on a meter title for a brochure, manual, product video, or to purchase!

Do you want to measure flow or flow and energy?

Is the pipe you're measuring full, or partially filled with liquid?

Is your installation Portable or Permanent?

Is the liquid being measured clear (3% or less solids with little to no air bubbles) or does your liquid have bubbles or >3% undissolved solids?


Do you need Data Logging?

Is your installation Indoors or Outdoors?

What is the outer diameter of the pipe?

U1000MKII Wall Mounted Version

Wall Mounted U1000


  • Full Pipe
  • Clear Fluid
  • Permanent Application
  • No Data Logging
  • 0.75 -4″ Sch 40 Pipe; and now 6-8″ pipe
  • Pulse, Optional 4-20 or MODBUS Outputs
  • Rate and total on screen