ULTRAFLO D5500 Clamp On Doppler Flow Meter

Flow Meter Wizard

  • Full Pipe
  • Fluid has Contaminants
  • Permanent Application


  • Treated Wastewater
  • Aerated Water
  • Sludge and Slurries
  • Chemicals and Solvents
  • Viscous Liquids
  • Abrasives
  • Food Products
  • Pulp Stock
  • Acids and Caustics


Clamp On Doppler Flow Meters monitor the flow rate of dirty or aerated liquids including: wastewater, (RAS and WAS), chemicals, acids, slurries, abrasives and viscous liquids. Recommended for full pipes and any fluid that contains solids or bubbles. The UF D5000 strap-on sensor is mounted on the outside of a plastic or metal pipe 0.5in. in diameter or larger. To measure flow an acoustic signal is reflected back to the sensor from moving particles or gas bubbles suspended in the fluid. Installation is easy – without shutting down the flow system.

No contact is made with the moving fluid and no pipe cutting or drilling is required. There is no fouling or scale build-up on the sensor.
The UF D5000 Doppler Flow Meter includes an ultrasonic sensor, a simple 5-key calibration system, a large digital flow rate display with totalizer, isolated 4-20mA output and two programmable control relays. Data logger and intrinsically safe sensor are optional.