Inline Meter Verification

Inline meters can be difficult or impossible to remove to verify their accuracy. One way to get around this problem is to use our portable meters to do a side by side comparison of the two meters. One could make the argument that if the two meters are within close agreement to each other, that the inline meter is still performing to adequate standards. In situations where the inline meter is not working as prescribed, a fixed ultrasonic meter can take the inline meters place without shutting down or cutting into the pipe.

Below is that exact circumstance. A coastal city in Florida has several inline meters installed throughout the city. Some lines are not metered at all, some have inline meters installed that either require verification, or need replacing. In this case, the PF440IP clamp on flow meter was used to verify flow for this inline insertion magnetic meter, only to find out that the inline meter was no longer functioning and required repair.

One of the many features of the PF440IP is its long battery life. This city plans on collecting data over the period of a couple days to compare to other inline meters within their jurisdiction.