Trace Die Cast: Lube Oils and Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Where: Diecast Plant in Bowling Green, KY

Problem:  The facility used a recirculating system to supply lube to their machines for mold release applications. The system was not in balance.  Lines at the end received no flow and back fed to supply the machines. This led to standing lubrication and the development of bacteria in the lines that would end up clogging the automatic spray guns etc. Plant wide shutdowns for cleaning had to be done periodically, as well as taking care of clogs when they occurred causing production downtime.

Chosen Solution:  The company purchased and installed several u1000 clamp on ultrasonic flow meters along with balancing valves on the recirculating lines.  PF220 for leak detection.

Results: System is in balance and operates as a true recirculating system now using U1000 clamp on ultrasonic flow meters. The bacteria count inside the supply and return lines has dropped dramatically, virtually eliminating the downtime experienced prior. On a side note, Trace Die Cast, who also ordered a PF 220, has been using that portable clamp on flow meter to detect the presence of leaks saving them from plant-wide downtime.

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