Steel Plant U1000 Clamp on flow meter

In a steel plant located in Southeast US…..

The furnace Bosh Tank is where the return piping for all the cooling circuits meet to be sent to a cooling tower.  This is also where individual temperature and flow readings are taken to verify that each cooling circuit is in proper working order. Shutting the cooling circuits down while the furnace is in operation combined with the task of removing the insertion flow meters is nearly impossible. The furnace is shut down about every six months, sometimes only once a year, so trying to install a flow meter with 100 plus degree water pouring out is extremely difficult,  risks damaging the electronics with water and injury to personnel with the hot water. The U1000 clamp on flow meter allows removal and installation without having to open the piping.

Installation of U1000 clamp on flow meters continues on any new piping and as the inline flow meters fail. Below are pictures of the clamp on flow meters in service. As more and more ultrasonic flow meter are added to the system a more permanent wiring management system will be added.
Pictures below are where we added Micronics U1000’s to piping where the inline flow meters have failed.

Steel 1 Steel 2 Steel 3

Additional meters added to new piping.

Steel 4 Steel 5